PLUS What? 

Well, PLUS Mr. T's original, emotionally wide-ranging - from profound to moving, to humorous, to zany! - songs and poems, as well as interactive, heart-thumping demonstrations of American Folk Rhythms with guitar, harmonica, bones, spoons, washboard, stump-fiddle, paperbags and hamboning, not to mention two - not one, but TWO - exotic, hard-to-find-very-rare Rhythmic Avocados, in addition to multiple Mini-Rhythmic - either hen-pig-wolf or bear eggs - . . . and that's just during the Introduction!


He Said, She Said 

"Tom Taylor – a poet of a storyteller.”
                                                                                                                             Renowned  TexasTale Teller Donna Ingham 
“Tom Taylor's performances will make you laugh, cry, do some soul-searching, and stir your deepest emotions.” 
    Dr. Patterson, Superintendent (Ret.), Killeen (TX) ISD 

“Your performance for our School Dedication Ceremony was outstanding! Your portion of the program will long be remembered as the best thing we did that day.”   Principal – Conroe , Texas

"Tom Taylor's children's concert is as fine as any this veteran of such things has ever seen."

     John C. Malone, Music Critic / Los Angeles Times 


A Bit About Tom 


 Tom Taylor is who and what he is today, in large part, because of (1) - a youth of “storied” summers with his maternal grandparents in the fabled piney woods of East Texas, and (2) - a truly remarkable “super”woman, cleverly disguised as a mere, mortal, single-parent mother/teacher/principal raising her children in the Humidity Center of the Universe, Houston, Texas.

He now shares with a wide variety of audiences not only personal and family stories, but folktales from around the world, peace tales, biblical stories, true Texas tales, tall tales (Not QUITE so True!), as well as his original stories, poems and songs.

His programs are very interactive, and frequently include, as mentioned above, a segment focusing on American folk rhythms – spoons, bones, washboard, hamboning, etc. So, you will not be surprised to learn that SOME programs include, in addition to the telling of stories, and the great joy of listening to those stories, short outbursts, by both children and adults, of fervent, spontaneous dancing!


My 'Take' on Telling?

Folks tell stories for all sorts of reasons. I, you see, ... well, just between the two of us, I'll confide in you that I strive to create the most effective combination possible of stories, songs and poems to provide encouragement, laughter and inspiration to my every audience and, hopefully, send'em off feeling a bit better about things after our little time together. If I'm fortunate enough to be able to do that more often than not, then, folks, I am one happy feller.